About Us

We're a team of mobile, embedded, front-end and back-end developers that has worked on numerous apps published on Google Play and iTunes that have many millions of downloads. We worked for various companies until we decided to join forces in November 2013 and offer a one-stop shop for high-quality mobile and embedded solutions. The three founders - Andrei Stoleru, Ivan Morgillo and Sasa Sekulic - combined have almost 15 years of mobile development experience.

Our mission

We believe in quality - we want to make the best possible applications we can. We think that "one size fits all" is actually "one size fits none". Android apps are best done by Android users for Android users, and iOS apps are best done by iOS users for iOS users.

We believe in open source and code reuse. We always try to find the best tool and library we can and improve on it, contributing back to the open source society.

We love reactive programming, view binding and all the cool stuff and try to use it whenever we can.



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