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I'm Vincent Teillet, I've been dealing with complex SEO issues for over 13 years, in agency, in-house and as a consultant

PS: I run AlterEgo but depending on the project we might call other specialists in.


Why starting AlterEgo?

My vision of SEO: bringing transparency and proven expertise to the industry

I worked in a webmarketing agency for some of the largest multinationals, as well as in-house in particularly competitive SERP and I came to the conclusion that there is a gap in the market. You usually have 2 options:

- Agencies on one side: overly marketed offers, good at everything but not expert, biased SEO recommendations.

- Freelancers on the other side: hit and miss in terms of quality, some are excellent at their core specialty but impossible to scale

My mission is to give access to the best expert of the network depending on the challenge you are facing. Sometimes it can be me but not always and I think it's ok. I also want to provide guarantees and transparency. Guarantee since I will give you the money back if you are unhappy with AlterEgo, and transparency because we only do one-off contracts, we step in when you need us and step out when you don't.

Areas of SEO covered

E-commerce marketing

Content marketing

Paid marketing


PR services

Traffic loss analysis & forensic SEO

I've helped grow big and small companies

Check out some works that I did!


Clementine Brand Design

Clementine is a new hair conditioner brand based in California. Natural beauty is important for West Coasters, and until now, there hasn’t been a hair conditioner brand to nourish their locks.

Legend Brand Identity

Legend is a new beer brand based in Texas. Craftsmanship is valued by Lone Star folks, and until now, there hasn’t been a beer brand to quench their thirst.


Boxed Water Brand Design

Boxed is a new water brand based in New York. Hydration is essential for Big Apple dwellers, and until now, there hasn’t been a water brand to refresh their palate. These drinks are made with pure spring water, no added sugars, and a little bit of urban flair.

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"The resources and support provided by her have helped us grow both personally and professionally"

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